Monday, February 20, 2012

Essie Mint Candy Apple

Mint Candy Apple is a popular Essie nail polish. It is a stunning, one of a kind color that is young & fresh. It's hard to describe- it's kind of like a light mint/blue color. Nothing in my stash even comes close to it!

The only disappointing part is the application- it's one of those polishes you buy for the color and not because it delivers a flawless application. It requires a lot of patience; you need to apply very thin coats & wait until they almost completely dry before applying the subsequent ones to avoid cuticle drag. I would also recommend a thick top coat (something like Sèche Vite) to level everything out. But I promise the results are worth it ! I get so many compliments on this color and I am sure you would too ;)
I used Essie Protein Base Coat & Essie Good to God Top Coat


  1. i have this and havent used it yet. im not looking forward to the application process :(

  2. very nice! too bad for the application issues...

  3. Beautiful! There are some days where a mint candy apple manicure makes everything better :)

  4. Maybe it's not so easy to apply it on your nails but is a gorgeous color!

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  5. When this first came out, I immediately nabbed it - and haven't worn it since, mainly because it's a bit finicky to apply. That being said, I had forgotten how fresh this shade remind me that it's time to dust it off and give it another whirl! Tasha, this really, really looks good against your fair skin!


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