Monday, October 17, 2011

Chanel Coco Blue

Hi readers :)
I had lots of swatches done to be able to have posts ready for this week, and now I can't find any of the pictures ! They all seemed to have disappeared. I put a lot of work into them so I am annoyed, but now that I aired out my frustration let's move on to the polish I am wearing today.
This is Chanel Coco Blue, a beautiful baby blue that was part of the very limited edition collection Les Jeans de Chanel. Coco Blue is totally up my alley: I love light blue polishes & the name is adorable! Even one of my best friends who lives in another city came to visit me over the weekend and the first thing she told me was: "Wow! This polish is so you!".

Application was nice but not perfect in that it was somewhat thin and needed 3 coats to achieve complete opacity. The secret shimmer is barely visible, but it definitely adds a breeziness & lightness to the color of the polish. My only complaint, if any, is the color does not feel very fall to me. I know seasons shouldn't dictate what we wear, but this hardly complements any of my fall wardrobe. I think it would look a lot better in the spring or summer! But I am not worried, I can always save it for then :)
I used Mavala Protective Base Coat & Seche Vite Top Coat.
Click here for my review on Chanel Blue Boy from the same collection.


  1. I agree with the "This is so you!" comment. You're certainly a blue connoisseur

  2. This is the one I want, but here it hasn't come out yet. I am getting tired of waiting

  3. It really does suit a "T"!! I agree with you about it not being very seasonal-looking; even though we can literally make our own trends if we choose, I think your plan of putting away until the warmer months return, is a good one! Still, it really does look so pretty on you!


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